Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

who still Puisi do

who still Puisi do - not believe in the supernatural diapartemennya tend to overlook what is now experienced gerry and what he thinks. Until one day when linda accumulate dirty clothes into the basket to be washed, when the doll.

suzy there was a chair, suddenly Toba linda see the curtain of beads that is near the ladder swaying, as if someone had just passed, and then there are the marbles are falling down stairs, then marbles that both of curiosity he slowly climbed onto the floor above, when he got over there was not anyone, he fell down again.

Arriving under he found the marbles, but strangely like structured center of the room, and when turned towards the chair where the dummy suzy are, linda surprised, doll is no longer there, a moment later, lace cap lamp.

that is on the table near the chair where suzy been before swaying, as if someone had passed, followed ganyung lights were rocking gently, and  when with fear turn round, he saw all the dirty clothes he collected dikeranjang scattered, hanging dilampu, above cabinets, above the door.

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