Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

Fa yes Contoh you

Fa yes Contoh you - wrote the story, who knows we can help "said Ira, who sat beside me. There was silence, no one spoke again. Fa" I called. Hooray shouted Syifa make me and Ira stared in surprise.

Fa, what is it? You do not pretend happy, we are watching you why in the library when you looked frustrated, and when you also look serious musala prayer is actually what is it? "I said length times width. looked at me with a frown.

Because of something that happened to me, lately I was so listless and uninspired, even I seldom join my friends. And now I prefer to go to the library very rare kukunjunggi, arguing find a quiet atmosphere, no air-conditioning plus free Wifi so kukunjunggi a sacred place, not about making a book let.

alone read it. I immediately walked at a corner table, open the laptop and look for some article means menaklukin Games", maybe I can resolve this problem being minpaku.

When I was alone in the mosque I prayed often kupanjatkan in each of my prayers. God ampuninlah my sins and the sins of my parents, and lapangkanlah sustenance both, and plead my lectures without any problems

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