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who still Puisi do

who still Puisi do - not believe in the supernatural diapartemennya tend to overlook what is now experienced gerry and what he thinks. Until one day when linda accumulate dirty clothes into the basket to be washed, when the doll.

suzy there was a chair, suddenly Toba linda see the curtain of beads that is near the ladder swaying, as if someone had just passed, and then there are the marbles are falling down stairs, then marbles that both of curiosity he slowly climbed onto the floor above, when he got over there was not anyone, he fell down again.

Arriving under he found the marbles, but strangely like structured center of the room, and when turned towards the chair where the dummy suzy are, linda surprised, doll is no longer there, a moment later, lace cap lamp.

that is on the table near the chair where suzy been before swaying, as if someone had passed, followed ganyung lights were rocking gently, and  when with fear turn round, he saw all the dirty clothes he collected dikeranjang scattered, hanging dilampu, above cabinets, above the door.

Terror Contoh continues

Terror Contoh continues - when it lisa wants to play sepatur wheel, he wanted to look for it in his bedroom, but when the room door was opened he saw the doll suzy the table, he was discouraged and choose to ask a mother, they both come into the room, and it turns out, stuffed suzy was looking over the kitchen, but there was nobody.

After not getting the skates in his bedroom, the mother to look elsewhere, but Lisa still wondered what had happened to the doll suddenly he heard voices in the bathroom, as if someone was wearing it, then he went into the bathroom to find out, and how shocked she saw a doll sitting suzy ditoilet as taking a leak.

Events have not made gerry and linda memepercayai their supernatural diapartemennya, they still believe it all happened by chance or have someone do it, including the work of the children, until such time as gerry sector in daylight awakened because once again heard the voice, this time noise coming from the dining room, he.

was frightened and slowly approached the dining room. He saw bodies scattered, but a more sinister is l, dining chairs all arranged on the table, coiled around the table as usual, but with a chair leg rear floating in the air, this time totally inexplicable, so contrary to the law of gravity , Gerry from that incident then realized that all is supernatural occurrences.

The Contoh living

The Contoh living - room was, gerry see heather watched tv sat next to stuffed suzy, but the television no press, a kind of tv when there is no antenna, a moment later appeared lisa greeting heather, but Heather did not budge, until ksetiga time heather summoned by gerry, this time he moved from my seat but just glared see gerry and walked away.

With all the events that gerry thought, somebody came in and create terror, so he decided to replace selirih house keys. But the terror is still being experienced, as when lisa and laura midnight to hear the sound of children at play.

but because they ignore the fear and wait for morning to then tell their mother. The next morning, Lisa awoke, she found a hair in her face, which is quite a lot of hair. Lisa then report the findings on linda hair, and the hair turns.

out it belongs to lisa, there are some hair missing lisa rear, a few centimeters absolutely no hair. Then linda and gerry bring lisa medicine specialists, and the result is hair loss but lisa not revoked by force, it makes them more threatened diapartemen it.

he Contoh thought that

he Contoh thought that - seemed inseparable, like making suzy friend heather, heather is often seen as talking with the doll, and behavior linda heather makes her feel like there was something strange, something alarming inexplicable.

One night, linda sleep alone, because her husband was working gerry, then at 5:30 am, there were voices that make awakened, first he thought that it was the act of children, soon he rushed to get down onto the floor below, when he got below, he was surprised to find the dining room is very messy, instant.

food strewn everywhere, crayons, pencils, water is spilled, even herbs. Linda has not had time to investigate the cause of it all, came gerry who had just come home from work, saw the state he was then leading to the rooms of his daughters. All were woken up by a little annoyed, he wants recognition of her daughters, but no one admitted, linda just think, why all be obedient daughter.

Gerry was alone disuatu lunch, linda was working, he was then awakened by the sound of voices in the living room, he came down and find living room furniture overlap, sofas and tables stacked, gerry convinced that the culprit is not his children, because the furniture was strong will not be appointed by children.

years contoh of marriage

years contoh of marriage, they were blessed with three daughters, Laura, lisa and heather. When the birthday party heather to 6, grandma tippy and aunt robin comes from new york, aunt robin to reward heather a doll homemade sized heather and named suzy, the doll was made similar to heather, with hair braid brown and there pigtails with red ribbon at the bottom, big eyes, rosy-cheeked, and seemed to be smiling.

It was around 2 am, all were asleep, linda heard a growl coming from the outside, like the growl of animals that are in trouble, then wake gerry, immediately gerry check out, open the bedroom window wide, they both saw a dark shadow like vines in the street, one by one street lamp covered in darkness, the noise.

was even louder and closer, until gerry think disasters in the street, like a puff of black smoke filled the street, and wrap the lights. (Perhaps such as sandstorms arab. Ed.), But once all disappeared as if nothing happened nothing.

On the other days, when the heather bring suzy down, put it on the sofa, and heather sitting next to him watching television, then came linda brought breakfast cereal, a few moments later, heather followed linda kedapur because he a drink of water, when the heather back, he saw suzy move , sitting in a chair rocking a distance of about 1.8 meters.

have Contoh functions that

have Contoh functions that - are great for our environment diantarnya namely 1) as the plant is able to withstand sea water currents that erode coastal plains, in other words the mangrove plants able to withstand sea water so as not.

to erode soil on the shoreline. As the functions of other plants, mangroves also has a function as an absorber of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen-e has a role as a wide variety of marine life such as small fish to hide and find food. In addition to marine animals, the mangrove forest is large enough in scope RUAG is often contained in it kind of land animals such as monkeys and birds.

Some functions mangrove forests that have been described above, of course, the most essential to our survival as a function of mangrove forests is producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide gas as well as the prevention of abrasion.

The destruction of mangrove forests may result in loss of these functions. Imagine if the forest is damaged, there is no longer something that is able to produce oxygen for us to breathe, not adalagi something that can absorb the gas which is a dab of toxic gases harmful to the human body, and there is no longer a solid defense that can withstand the abrasion rate.

Fa yes Contoh you

Fa yes Contoh you - wrote the story, who knows we can help "said Ira, who sat beside me. There was silence, no one spoke again. Fa" I called. Hooray shouted Syifa make me and Ira stared in surprise.

Fa, what is it? You do not pretend happy, we are watching you why in the library when you looked frustrated, and when you also look serious musala prayer is actually what is it? "I said length times width. looked at me with a frown.

Because of something that happened to me, lately I was so listless and uninspired, even I seldom join my friends. And now I prefer to go to the library very rare kukunjunggi, arguing find a quiet atmosphere, no air-conditioning plus free Wifi so kukunjunggi a sacred place, not about making a book let.

alone read it. I immediately walked at a corner table, open the laptop and look for some article means menaklukin Games", maybe I can resolve this problem being minpaku.

When I was alone in the mosque I prayed often kupanjatkan in each of my prayers. God ampuninlah my sins and the sins of my parents, and lapangkanlah sustenance both, and plead my lectures without any problems