Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

The Contoh living

The Contoh living - room was, gerry see heather watched tv sat next to stuffed suzy, but the television no press, a kind of tv when there is no antenna, a moment later appeared lisa greeting heather, but Heather did not budge, until ksetiga time heather summoned by gerry, this time he moved from my seat but just glared see gerry and walked away.

With all the events that gerry thought, somebody came in and create terror, so he decided to replace selirih house keys. But the terror is still being experienced, as when lisa and laura midnight to hear the sound of children at play.

but because they ignore the fear and wait for morning to then tell their mother. The next morning, Lisa awoke, she found a hair in her face, which is quite a lot of hair. Lisa then report the findings on linda hair, and the hair turns.

out it belongs to lisa, there are some hair missing lisa rear, a few centimeters absolutely no hair. Then linda and gerry bring lisa medicine specialists, and the result is hair loss but lisa not revoked by force, it makes them more threatened diapartemen it.

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