Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

he Contoh thought that

he Contoh thought that - seemed inseparable, like making suzy friend heather, heather is often seen as talking with the doll, and behavior linda heather makes her feel like there was something strange, something alarming inexplicable.

One night, linda sleep alone, because her husband was working gerry, then at 5:30 am, there were voices that make awakened, first he thought that it was the act of children, soon he rushed to get down onto the floor below, when he got below, he was surprised to find the dining room is very messy, instant.

food strewn everywhere, crayons, pencils, water is spilled, even herbs. Linda has not had time to investigate the cause of it all, came gerry who had just come home from work, saw the state he was then leading to the rooms of his daughters. All were woken up by a little annoyed, he wants recognition of her daughters, but no one admitted, linda just think, why all be obedient daughter.

Gerry was alone disuatu lunch, linda was working, he was then awakened by the sound of voices in the living room, he came down and find living room furniture overlap, sofas and tables stacked, gerry convinced that the culprit is not his children, because the furniture was strong will not be appointed by children.

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