Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

When the Contoh professor

When the Contoh professor - was explaining lectures today, I accidentally saw Shifa sitting two seats on my right, tepannya next Ira -sedang daydreaming. If no one can see, once in a while I also saw him strum his forehead seaakan'm thinking something very heavy

again when in the cafeteria, I saw Shifa lethargic and not excited he just churning noodles in front of her with no appetite to eat noodles it. Even the next day I saw Shifa who rarely go to the library aesthetically very serious attention to the laptop screen, even occasionally ruffled scarf she looked frustrated.

And when musala I and Ira saw Shifa middle seruis prayer. I just looked at each other and Ira concerned about the condition of this Syifa.

And today I and Ira ventured to the same, and again Syifa serious sitting under a tree at the screen of his laptop.  you actually no matter what? I noticed lately you look lethargic and not excited

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