Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

have Contoh functions that

have Contoh functions that - are great for our environment diantarnya namely 1) as the plant is able to withstand sea water currents that erode coastal plains, in other words the mangrove plants able to withstand sea water so as not.

to erode soil on the shoreline. As the functions of other plants, mangroves also has a function as an absorber of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen-e has a role as a wide variety of marine life such as small fish to hide and find food. In addition to marine animals, the mangrove forest is large enough in scope RUAG is often contained in it kind of land animals such as monkeys and birds.

Some functions mangrove forests that have been described above, of course, the most essential to our survival as a function of mangrove forests is producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide gas as well as the prevention of abrasion.

The destruction of mangrove forests may result in loss of these functions. Imagine if the forest is damaged, there is no longer something that is able to produce oxygen for us to breathe, not adalagi something that can absorb the gas which is a dab of toxic gases harmful to the human body, and there is no longer a solid defense that can withstand the abrasion rate.

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