Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

Terror Contoh continues

Terror Contoh continues - when it lisa wants to play sepatur wheel, he wanted to look for it in his bedroom, but when the room door was opened he saw the doll suzy the table, he was discouraged and choose to ask a mother, they both come into the room, and it turns out, stuffed suzy was looking over the kitchen, but there was nobody.

After not getting the skates in his bedroom, the mother to look elsewhere, but Lisa still wondered what had happened to the doll suddenly he heard voices in the bathroom, as if someone was wearing it, then he went into the bathroom to find out, and how shocked she saw a doll sitting suzy ditoilet as taking a leak.

Events have not made gerry and linda memepercayai their supernatural diapartemennya, they still believe it all happened by chance or have someone do it, including the work of the children, until such time as gerry sector in daylight awakened because once again heard the voice, this time noise coming from the dining room, he.

was frightened and slowly approached the dining room. He saw bodies scattered, but a more sinister is l, dining chairs all arranged on the table, coiled around the table as usual, but with a chair leg rear floating in the air, this time totally inexplicable, so contrary to the law of gravity , Gerry from that incident then realized that all is supernatural occurrences.

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